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New Music – The Viking N3: HiiiPoWeR

New Music – The Viking N3: HiiiPoWeR

Australia’s best is back, look out N3 is set to take over!

Peep the new video and spread the word:

After a year of slim content and consistent Australian tours, TheViking N3 kicks through the door of 2016 with a massive promo song, taking on Compton’s own, Kendrick Lamar, 2011 hit song “HiiiPoWer.”

N3 immerses himself into the mountain sounds of Machu Picchu projected by the J. Cole produced track to air out his thoughts on some recent topics that have been circulating throughout our social medias and televisions such as, the artificial hair wearing Donald Trump running for President, war escaping immigrates washing up on the shores and white Australia’s black history

For the first time amongst displaying his lyricism, well rounded content and double time flows – N3 shows his ethnic roots by flaunting some Spanish bars for his fellow Latinos that have been targeted by Trumps racially driven boarder wall campaign.

Not only aiming his content at political matters, TheViking embraces his growth since moving out of the rat race to the jungle’s of Byron Bay. Airing out thoughts on the Sydney Hip Hop scene and points at previous collaborators from his once monthly event “One Mic” by addressing their sly opportunistic ways. All isn’t negative toward the Sydney scene, shouting out local advocate Thomas Rock and Sikh MC, L-Fresh The Lion when addressing the bogan driven anti-mosque protests across Australia.

You can catch TheViking N3 giving “HiiiPoWer” it’s live debut, February 19th in Byron Bay at Woodys Surf Shack alongside World Champion Beatboxer, Joel Turner.


February 10th, 2016

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