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New Music: Ursa Major – I Wrote This When You Killed Me

New Music: Ursa Major – I Wrote This When You Killed Me

Brisbane’s Bad Mood Movement really stood out on The Underground Assault tour earlier in the year, a bunch of talented rappers who really know how to work a crowd! We were more than impressed at their stage presence, lyrical ability and just all around talent!

I was extra hyped for the release of Ursa Major’s debut project “I Wrote This When You Killed Me” which dropped today free of charge through his Soundcloud account, I expected it to be great. I did NOT expect it to sound anything like it does though, it really caught me left field! This most definitely is not a bad thing though, Ursa is a very talented lyricist and this shines through on this album…

I was expecting fun and a little crazy but instead got a more serious listen in parts as Ursa covers some deep topics!

The “Title Match” cypher features Creepah, Brandon James, Chico Cas and Zhane White and more than speaks for itself…

Check it out for yourself here:

I Wrote This When You Killed Me is available FREE OF CHARGE, so there’s absolutely no excuses not to take a listen. Do yourself a favour and download it here:

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December 1st, 2015

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