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Northlane “Alien” review

Northlane “Alien” review

Band: Northlane

Title: Alien

Release date: August 2nd

Reviewer: Jase L Herbert

One of the greatest things about the metal genre, is that it is open to extreme forms of creativity.

Unlike pop or hip hop, you can do absolutely anything. Want some turntable scratching? go for it.

Want to add some electronic elements? Well don’t just sit there son, add those in too.

The only limit in all forms of metal is the artist’s creativity.

This is exactly what Sydney metalers “Northlane” have done with their new album “Alien”.

A blistering mix of electronica and metal, that packs a powerful punch!

Watch/Listen to “Bloodline” here:


From the albums the opening tack “Details Matter” all the way through to closing track “Sleepless”,

Alien has a very futuristic meets “evil disco” sound, resulting in an incredible listen.

Stand out tracks include “Bloodline”, “Talking Heads”, “Jinn”, “Eclipse” and “Sleepless”. Although to be completely honest, selecting just a couple of standout tracks doesn’t really do this album justice.

Alien is out NOW trough Rise Records, iTunes, and digitally!

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August 26th, 2019

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