Nothing More “House On Sand” (Feat. Eric V of I Prevail)

April 17, 2024 - Underground News

Nothing More are set to release their fifth studio album “Carnal” June 28 through Better Noise Music!

Their latest single “House Of Sand” features a cameo from I Prevail’s Eric Vanlerberghe and has an epic accompanying video:

“Sometimes you lose sight of your purpose in life and wander off of the path you were on,” says frontman JONNY HAWKINS on “HOUSE ON SAND”. “Years later you find yourself in a life that does not match the vision you once had for yourself. Trapped, you are left with a choice…betray your inner voice, or trust it; continue on and play it safe, or turn back and start again… I’m starting again.”

In regard to working with VANLERBERGHEHAWKINS states: “I’m so honored and excited to have Eric screaming his heart out with me on this song!

Track list:

1. Carnal
2. House On Sand (Feat. Eric V Of I Prevail)
3. If It Doesn’t Hurt
4. Angel Song (Feat. David Draiman)
5. Freefall
6. Blame It On The Drugs
7. Head
8. Existential Dread
9. Heart
10. Down The River
11. Give It Time
12. Sight
13. Stuck (Feat. Sinizter)
14. Run For Your Life
15. Sound

Pre Order: https://nothingmore.ffm.to/carnal

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