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Oh! The Horror “Halloween 365” Out Now

Oh! The Horror “Halloween 365” Out Now

Welcome to the Underground’s first ever signing “Oh! The Horror” have released their brand new album “Halloween 365”!!!

This one is well and truly worth a listen and even features a cameo from our own KidCrusher on their track “Pain”…

Watch/Listen here:

Track List:
  1. Kill Em All
  2. Boom!
  3. Origins
  4. Scream Queen
  5. Leave Me Alone! ft. Matthew Tybor of The Bunny The Bear
  6. PAIN ft. KidCrusher
  7. Idontcare
  8. Boomstick! ft. Blaze Ya Dead Homie
  9. Bodies
  10. Scream! ft. Jamie Madrox
  11. Zombie
  12. Halloween 365

Get your copy at the MNE Store:



August 14th, 2020

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