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Politicize : Codename Assassin Out Now!

Politicize : Codename Assassin Out Now!

For those who don’t know “Politicize” is an up and coming rapper that’s style can be best described as “Political Rap”! If you’re after a new edgy type of rap album to check out definitely get amongst his latest release “Codename Assassin”.

The mixtape features artists from all genres of hip hop including horrorcore inspired artists like Jason Porter and Mars to King of the Dot battle rapper Tantrum, Shogunna, and Red Mcfly(producer for French Montana’s Coke Boys).

“Codename Assassin” includes the singles, “My Pride” (ft Tantrum and Shogunna) which salutes many Asian American Hip hop artists on their grind. Another stand out is “Darkness Falls”, a horrorcore banger that features Mars and Jason Porter and is produced by Porter himself!

The best bit? Politicize is giving it to his fans free of charge! So do yourself a favour and download it right here:


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July 24th, 2014

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