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Prevail Interview

Prevail Interview

June 17th 2014 marked the release of “Swollen Members” eleventh studio album “Brand New Day”, an album which will have you begging for more! The good news? Swollen Members have finally announced a return to Australia slated for late September so us Aussies will get to enjoy them live and in concert! We’ve actually been sitting on this Prevail interview for a little while because he announces that he’ll be coming back and we didn’t want to ruin the surprise for those eagerly waiting!

That cat is now out of the bag so kick back and take some time out as we chat exclusively to Prevail about all things “A Brand New Day”! From working with MadChild, side projects, touring, recording the videos, we cover it all! Stick around after “A Brand New Day” plays for a bit of bonus flavor that he drops that you just may not have known about it!

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August 1st, 2014

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