Reece Young “Am I Wrong”

May 1, 2024 - Underground News

UNFD’s “Reece Young” is back with another stellar track in “Am I Wrong” which touches on the very serious topic of dark thoughts/suicide that effect so many people, the song is Reece’s way of reaching out to listeners and letting them know he can relate as he to has been there!

On “Am I Wrong” Young says:

“Thoughts of suicide and depressive episodes have always plagued not only me, but a ton of people in my life. Am I Wrong questions if continuing on is worth it. Is wanting an ending a bad thing? Forgetting about the consequences of what would follow a reality like that is frightening. Hopefully, the listener hears these words and finds solace in the knowledge that they aren’t alone, and that other people out there struggle with the same thoughts.”

Check out the video here:

Stream “Am I Wrong”: https://reeceyoung.lnk.to/amiwrong

Am I Wrong is the third single from Young with his other titles “Low” and “Dark” available now and are extremely good, the future is certainly bright from this young artist and we are all about it!

Follow Reece Young on instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/reeceyoung__/

Find out more: https://linktr.ee/reeceyoungmusic

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