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Review – BLKLST “Spider Love” EP

Review – BLKLST “Spider Love” EP

Album: Spider Love
Released: June 7 2019
Reviewed by: Jase L Herbert

The great thing about metal is even if you’ve been in a band for 5 minutes or 20 years, with the right combination magic can happen and be put down on tape. Whether jamming in the garage for a small group or playing in front of a large crowd, our passion for metal can come from everywhere. Even various sub-genres can be mixed together to make something special! BLKLST are a Nu-Metal-Core band from Melbourne, Australia and have quickly carved their own path to the top of the Underground scene. Forming in 2015, BLKLST quickly gained attention of a wider audience opening for acts such as 36 Crazyfists, Alpha Wolf, Superheist and many others. In 2018 BLKLST released their debut album “Hard To Swallow” with the lead single “Hypocrite” gaining national radio attention!

BLKLST are back even stronger with the release of their brand new EP “Spider Love”, which sounds of an impressive combination of Fear Factory, Korn and Cane Hill. The infectious grooves from the guitars and bass match wonderfully with the driven drums and power-fullness of the vocals. It’s hard to point out what would be stand out tracks as every single one is a stand out in itself, so choosing one or two tracks does not do “Spider Love” justice.

Check out “They All Look the Same” here:

“Spider Love” is very easy to listen to over and over again, I’ve listened to it several times just while writing this.
So do yourselves a favour and pick up a copy, download on iTunes or stream on Spotify as “Spider Love” will be a release that will end up on your heavy listening rotation!

Pick up “Spider Love” here: https://ffm.to/blklst_spiderloveep

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June 11th, 2019

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