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Richard Patrick (Filter) Interview

Richard Patrick (Filter) Interview

April 8th will see Filter’s seventh full length album “Crazy Eyes” released, so far we’ve heard Mother E and Take Me to Heaven with the result showing Filter are back to their absolute best! We speak exclusively with frontman/founder/guitarist and producer Richard Patrick on the new album and why right now is the perfect time to release it, Rich gives us the low down on what inspired the album and even gets into the political side of things before jumping into an extremely funny Australian bogan accent!

It’s safe to say Richard Patrick is one of a kind, he’s also working on a movie score right now and we find out all about it. Plus we get his takes on the “Take Me To Heaven” video, returning to Australia, what the future holds and a bunch more. Right after you’ve checked out the interview be sure to watch the Take Me to Heaven video (below).

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March 28th, 2016

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