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Slipknot – Halloween Show Review

Slipknot – Halloween Show Review


Ah Halloween, the best time of the year! People dress up in elaborate costumes, scary masks, and binge watch classics such as “Halloween” (obviously), “Friday The 13th” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. This October 31st Melbourne got a special treat in the form of 8 masked titans of metal from Des Moines Iowa unleash a devilishly delightful hell on to the thousands of “Maggots” that had descended onto Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne’s CBD. (Unfortunately Clown had to tend to a family emergency)

The night kicked off with local act “In Hearts Wake” who got the night off to a blistering start as the Iowan faithful began filling the arena in anticipation into what was going to be a night of in-your-face metal, even though I walked in on the tail end of their set “In Hearts Wake” left me wanting more.

Lamb of God were the next act to take the stage. They let loose with a killer 8 song set opening up with the classic “Walk with me in Hell” which whipped the fans into a frenzy. The rabid crowd screamed along with Randy Blythe as Lamb of God tore through “512”, “Still Echoes”, “Laid to Rest” and closing with “Redneck”. The circle pit grew larger as Lamb of God thanked the amped up crowd and closed out a stellar set. If you’ve never seen Lamb of God before, I strongly recommend you do.

The crowd rose with anticipation waiting for all hell to break loose as the lights dimmed and the intro tape “Be Prepared for Hell” began to play, the souls on hand let out a deafening roar that would have made Lucifer himself tremble in fear of the madness that was about to be unleashed. Slipknot took to the stage and tore into” The Negative One” which kicked off an epic 18 song set covering all 5 of the bands albums to date. This was the first time that Slipknot had performed a Halloween show outside of the U.S and the capacity crowd at Rod Laver ate up every second of the magic that they were witnessing

The show ended with the most known song from Slipknot “Spit It Out” which included the now legendary “Crazy Test” (Or Zero BS as Corey Taylor used to call it), which of course had me wondering “How will this work with those who are in the stands?” but everyone pulled it off and was an epic way to close out an amazing show from an iconic band. If you have never been to a Slipknot show before I strongly recommend the next time Slipknot visit our shores, don’t sleep on it and grab your tickets for what is without question an unforgettable experience!

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Jase L Herbert


November 10th, 2016

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