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Snoop Dogg – Kush Ups

Snoop Dogg – Kush Ups

Awww yeah the Snoop D O double G is back with a brand new single “Kush Ups” featuring Wiz Khalifa off Snoop’s upcoming album “COOLAID” this one has that classic Snoop Dogg hip-hop feel and will be his first rap album in five years. The album is set to be released in July, via Doggy Style Records/Entertainment One Music, and just by the first couple songs you can tell it’s going to be another master piece!

Peep the album artwork here:

snoop coolaid

The two stoner gods get together on “Kush Ups” for a classic Golden Era-type beat and feel that will have everyone nodding their heads. Every time Snoop and Wiz collab on a song, it’s always a hit and after hearing “Kush Ups”, this time is definitely no different!

Check it out here:

Like what you hear/see? Grab your copy on itunes now:



June 10th, 2016

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