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SwizZz hits back!

SwizZz hits back!

It’s really unfortunate to see the whole Funk Volume drama unfold, when FV first broke out onto the scene it was an exciting label to follow and watching them go from strength to strength was something else. Unfortunately though all good things must come to an end it would seem with Hopsin leaving the label on bad terms, we all know the story. Well now long time friend and Dame’s brother “SwizZz” has hit back at Hopsin with a very well worded facebook post and a response track to “The Ill mind of Hopsin 8” titled “Automatic”…

Here’s what SwizZz had to say on facebook:


It has been a blessing to witness your art and career grow over the past 12 years. From the grimy days in the basement to performing for thousands worldwide, your ascent has been nothing short of amazing. We founded Funk Volume together, and unfortunately, as time progressed, I gradually fell off and was never able to make a substantial contribution to the team. If it wasn’t for you there’s absolutely no way I’d have the following I do now. Two mixtapes, a few random releases, and a handful of features in the span of 7 years is pretty disgraceful. If I was on any other label I would have been dropped from the roster a long time ago. However, I can’t change the hand I was dealt, and as much as I wanted to be out there with you, Dizzy, Jarren, and Hoppa, my health was priority. I just wasn’t in a space to make the full commitment to my career, and for that I’m sorry.

I won’t spend time countering the absurd accusations you’ve shouted about Damien. Anybody with a little bit of sense can see through the antics. My brother has dedicated the past 7 years of his life – blood, sweat, and tears – working doggedly to build the platform that’s largely responsible for your success, and you tear him apart because he told you that you don’t work hard…shit’s just not right, and I’ll leave it at that.

Hop, you can post cooler photos on your social media, wear the flashier designer clothes, be “on the scene” with the popular crowd, alter your music to cater to a different demographic, and mingle with artists you used to bash, but you’ll never fit in because that isn’t Marcus Hopson. There’s a stark difference between evolving and selling out. You are not evolving; you are selling out. You might take your career to newer heights, make more money, and receive more accolades, but until you are truly grateful for the little things in life none of the materialistic success you attain will ever suffice. Eventually, inevitably, the pain will circle back, and you’ll find yourself battling the same crushing afflictions. The only change that’s real and lasting comes from the inside.

We’re both aware that our friendship has run it’s course for now. It’s really sad things have ended the way they did, but it is what it is. Just know I have no resentment or animosity towards you. You are a profound inspiration, a musical genius, and will always be one of my favorite artists. I am immeasurably thankful for everything you’ve done for me Hop. I wish you the best in the next chapter of your career.


Hats off to SwizZz for keeping it real.

Watch/listen to “Automatic” here:

Here’s hoping if anything this will see SwizZz finally releasing a new album, keep up to date with SwizZz on facebook here:



May 21st, 2016

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