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The Game – 1992

The Game – 1992

Compton rapper “The Game” is back with his latest album “1992”…

Check out the first single True Colors/It’s On:

THE GAME further delves into his childhood and life of gang banging during a time of the nation’s high racial tensions.

THE GAME explains, “1992 was inspired by what was going on in my life, my city & the world when I was 12 years old coming into my teenage years: The Los Angeles Riots, Michael Jordan & the Dream Team who won Olympic Gold… Crips & bloods were pulling me in both directions & joining one of the gangs was almost a normality for a young African American male growing up in Compton & the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County… Rodney King getting abused by the cops was an unforgettable incident & caused mass hysteria worldwide & the famous OJ Simpson car chase/trial was a huge worldwide televised situation that racially divided a country… So these are some of the many topics based around my childhood touched on in this album. To understand my life you have to understand what I’ve been thru, live where I’ve lived & watch lives of people you loved get erased because of their colours.

Be sure to pick up your copy of 1992 here:




October 28th, 2016

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