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The Reaper Project – 6 Feet Deep: April 26th

The Reaper Project – 6 Feet Deep: April 26th

Bury Them Deep Online Cover

2016 has already been a very solid year for Underground music but by the looks of things, we’re just getting started…

Enter “The Reaper Project”(D CrazE & Insane Loc) who are set to release their new album “6 Feet Deep” April 26th and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a review copy! Be assured this album is going to make some big noise in The Underground featuring some of the biggest names in the scene. We’re talking Madchild, Hopsin, Twisted Insane, Playboy the Beast and more!

Peep the official track listing:

1. Smash

2. Undisputed

3. Rhyme Animals featuring Dekay & Hopsin

4. Step Up featuring Cyam

5. Bury Them Deep featuring Madchild & Rock from Heltah Skeltah

6. Scars featuring King Gordy, Cyam & Lilac Sheer

7. Warriors

8. Chainsaw featuring Dekay, Playboy the Beast and South Central Cartel

9. Twisted Truth

10. Masters featuring Twisted Insane

Listen to the awesome “Bury them Deep” featuring Madchild and Rock from Heltah Skeltah here:

Plus if you pre order now you’ll receive two bonus tracks that are only available on the cd!

Head over to Project Specter’s website to listen to the sampler and to get your pre order on:


Be on the look out for more from┬áThe Reaper Project over the next month or so as we enter the era of “6 Feet Deep”, be warned The Reaper Project is coming…

For now hit them up on facebook here:



April 6th, 2016

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