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The Underground: April 2014 edition

The Underground: April 2014 edition

The latest edition of “The Underground” is now UP! If we had one word to describe it, it would have to be “Fun”! This one is jam packed with Underground music (as you would expect) but that’s not it! We also have the return of the Dead Man “Blaze Ya Dead Homie” talking all things Detroit sport. When it comes to the Pistons/Lions, who better to talk to? Chuck Hittinger drops by in one of our favourite interviews ever! He talks working in Hollywood (something we’re not used to, haha) and plays a little game called “Sharknado logic”, where he tries his best to explain some of the more inconsistencies of the now epic B grade movie!

We said this edition was fun right? We weren’t joking!  Our good buddy Amin (the Trim) Azoor co hosts the entire show and plays one of the best ever pranks on our droogie friend Herbz. Can Amin pull off the prank phone call of the century? Is Herbz gullible enough to believe that he has to share a Motel Room/Double bed with a complete random male stranger?

You like free stuff right? How about Underground free stuff? You can score yourself a copy of Lil Jayo E’s album “Tha Surgeon”, just by listening!  So what are you waiting for? Join Fitz, Herbz, Nim, Blaze, Chuck Hittinger and myself for this crazy edition of “The Underground”:



April 13th, 2014

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