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The Underground Assault – June 2015

The Underground Assault – June 2015

For years we’ve been getting hit up by Underground music fans in Australia wanting us to put on an Underground music tour or even festival!


Well Australia the wait is almost over! The Underground Assault is heading your way this June and damn do we have a line up for you. When you think of “The Underground” music scene in Australia one name instantly comes to mind and that of course is “Kidcrusher”, the Australian Alien is fresh off of opening up for Tech N9ne and super hyped to rip up Australia once again! If you’ve seen a Crusher show you know to expect nothing but mayhem including his Zombie DJ “Bub Zombie” and his Zombie girls, KC is more than ready to hit the road once again.


Rewind back to December 2013. The Insane Clown Posse returned after a 10 year hiatus and the hype surrounding that tour was second to none! Joining ICP for the very first time was Big Hoodoo and the one and only “Scarecrow” Boondox. Since then Australian Juggalos and Underground music fans have been amped to see Boondox once again, well that time is upon us! Boondox was back with a bang last year releasing “Abbadon” and the album more than speaks for itself, it even polled in at number one on our “Album of the Year” countdown. It’s safe to say that Boondox is only getting better with each album released and when we asked him about his return to Australia earlier in the year he said it was what he was looking forward to most in 2015. The scarecrow loves Australia and Aussie Juggalos!


Last but certainly not least and headlining “The Underground Assault” is none other than the dead man himself “Blaze Ya Dead Homie”. What is there NOT to say about Blaze? The Dead Man has been linked to Twiztid forever and made his Psychopathic debut on their epic “Mostasteless” album back in the late 90’s. Since then he’s released five amazing albums on Psychopathic Records and re released Gang Rags on his new label Majik Ninja Entertainment. Lets not forget the Dead Man is also a founding member of the super group “Dark Lotus” consisting of the Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid and that’s not even mentioning his rumored affiliation with the “Psychopathic Rydas”, does the name Cell block ring any bells?

Hell we’re just getting started with Blaze he’s also a member of the group “Drive –By” featuring Psychopathic Records very own Anybody Killa. Plus he has another side project “Zodiac Imprint” alongside Majik Ninja label mate “The R.O.C” , the dead man is certainly no stranger to the microphone! Oh did we mention he pops up on the movie “Big Money Rustlas?” aswell? No? Well he does, all of this and more! A remarkable list of accomplishments for a man who is well… Dead!

Don’t miss your chance to see the Dead Man, the Scarecrow and the Cannibal Clown live together for the very first and possibly only time Aussies! This is an Underground music fans dream line up. We’ve kept tickets cheap at just $50 plus booking fees, so there are no excuses!

Pick them up now:


  • Thursday June 25th – Hi Fi Bar, Brisbane
  • Friday June 26th – Hi Fi Bar, Sydney
  • Saturday June 27th – Hi Far Bar, Melbourne
  • Sunday June 28th – Fowlers, Adelaide


April 5th, 2015

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