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The Used “Cathedral Bell” video and “Heartwork” album

The Used “Cathedral Bell” video and “Heartwork” album

The Used release their eighth studio album “Heartwork” today…

This one arrives with the unbound spirit of the pair of platinum albums that first introduced The Used to the world, mixed with the dramatic air of their gold-certified third. The emotion, sincerity, and vulnerability found on The Used (2002) and In Love and Death (2004) is more urgent and insistent than ever on Heartwork, a diverse 16-song offering filled with double entendre upon triple entendre. It traverses a thematic gamut of self-examination, hyper-literate exploration, political pyromania, and keenly self-aware yet unrestrained whimsy.

Check out their latest video “Cathedral Bell” here:

Pick up the album here: https://theused.ffm.to/heartworkus


April 24th, 2020

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