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Third Jokers Card (Of 2nd Deck) Revealed!

Third Jokers Card (Of 2nd Deck) Revealed!

It’s no secret that we’re massive fans of Insane Clown Posse, so we were super hyped when the new Jokers card image and name was revealed at this years Hallowicked!

Here’s what the latest edition of the “Hatchet Herald” had to say:

On October 31, at the 20th anniversary of ICP’s Hallowicked spectacle (1994-2014), the face(s) of the third Joker’s Card from the second hand was unveiled! Direct from the Dark Carnival, the next Joker’s Card will be called … THE MISSING LINK. This card has two faces—the Lost side and the Found side. On April 28, 2015, the LOST card will drop and three months later, on July 28,2015, the FOUND card will fall…and the Earth will never be the same! So tag those dates on your calendar app and put in your day off requests NOW…because the era of the Third Joker’s Card starts this Spring. GET READY, NINJAS!

Safe to say we’re extremely excited for these, how about you?


November 13th, 2014

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