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Twiztid: Mutant – Remixed & Remastered

Twiztid: Mutant – Remixed & Remastered

As far as remix albums go I’m usually not a fan at all, it’s like the artist couldn’t get it right the first time so they’ve had another crack and made it even worse or they totally butcher the original. So I was very hesitant about listening to Twiztid’s remix album of Mutant, an album that I throwback to my only ever trip to the Gathering of the Juggalos back in 2005 everytime I hear it. In true Twiztid fashion though Madrox and Monoxide have truly out done themselves with this one, not only is it good BUT in most cases the remixes are BETTER than the originals in my opinion. Something I didn’t expect to be saying at all!

So do yourself a favour and pick up the latest offering from Majik Ninja Entertainment, Twiztid’s Mutant – “Remixed and Remastered” you will not regret it :


Track Listing:

1. Transformation of a New Civilization
2. Get Off of Me! 
3. Stardust
4. Familiar 
5. Madness 
6. Fuck U Part. 2 
7. Jenny’s a Fat Bitch
8. Fantasy 
9. Who Am I? 
10. Truth Will Set You Free 
11. Respirator 
12. Triple Threat
13. Starve Your Fear
14. Manikin
15. Note 2 Self
Listen to our interview with Twiztid here:


March 7th, 2016

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