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Twiztid – The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?s

Twiztid – The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?s

We have nothing but love for Psychopathic Records but the more time goes by the more you can see why Twiztid departed the label to form their own, they have an incredible work ethic and 2016 alone shows that. Not just Twiztid either but every artist on the fast growing label really seem to be making moves…

Twiztid themselves though have already toured in 2016 on “The Juggalo Invasion” tour, they regularly release great radio shows in the form of “Ashtrays & Action Figures”, have dropped a great little teaser ep in “Trapped” at this years Gathering and of course most recently re released the epic “The Green Book” album. Not a bad effort hey?

So what’s up next? We can answer that!

Their brand new album “The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?s” is set to drop January 27th 2017 with pre orders going up November 25th this year…

Don’t forget the demented duo have even branched out to Australia in the forms of MNA – “Majik Ninja Australia”, find out more here:




September 5th, 2016

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