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UG Exposure: Beni-Hana – Snowball Effect

UG Exposure: Beni-Hana – Snowball Effect

Wielding his Microphone as a blade, the Underground Hip Hop Emcee “Beni-hana” slashes his rhymes threw a world of Darkness .  As a recording artist his most well received songs “Appalachian Hills” and “C.A.R.O.L.I.N.A.” paint pictures of a forgotten landscape boasting with corruption and infected with narcotics. His work within the
Underground Hip Hop community is Extensive, from hosting some of the biggest shows in Carolina history and opened up live shows with Legends such as DMX, Twiztid, Mushroom Head and Yelawolf!
Check out his latest video “Snowball Effect” here:

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February 19th, 2019

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