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Unleashed Feature Artist – AxS

Unleashed Feature Artist – AxS

We’re taking some time out to look deep in the realms of “The Underground” and shining a spotlight on some of the artist’s that have featured on Unleashed! We’d like to introduce you to AxS who has only been rapping a few years but has already left a mark on the scene. Kicking things off in 2012 rapping under “The Aaron” he dropped his first project “Clown Swagg” which he also claims is the title of his life choice!

Since then he has released “Life, Love and Poverty with drugs” and has changed his name and his image, reinventing himself as “AxS”. Describing himself as an upstanding white guy with an excess of swagg, hence the name! Choosing to steer clear of freestyles “AxS” aims to tell stories and speak with people through his rhymes, one thing is for certain he is just getting started!

AxS is a part of the “Thief At Night” movement which includes a skate crew and more, you can find out more right here: thiefatnight.com.

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March 15th, 2015

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