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Unleashed (Submissions Show) – Round One

Unleashed (Submissions Show) – Round One

Whether good, bad or ugly it seems everyone now a  days think’s they’re a rapper. “The Underground” scene has a LOT of hidden talent and well, some not so great acts as well! If there’s one thing we’ve found since introducing “Underground Radio” to the world it’s that every second person wants their song played! “Unleashed” is their opportunity, the submissions show will finally get under way this Sunday March 2nd at 5pm (AEST), find out what time it airs in your part of the world by using this time converter:


We’re all about giving everyone a fair go, so regardless of whether their track is the best thing we’ve ever heard or the worst, we’ll play it once for the world to hear! Maybe it’s a banger and will find its way onto regular air play? Who knows! Be sure to check out Round one of Unleashed this Sunday to find out!

This Weeks artist’s:

AC -130

Brad MC




Fred Dukes

Major props to Chesty Strong of 1416 designs for the awesome skull logo and Shayne Kraft Graphics for putting the poster together!



February 26th, 2014

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