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Wage War ‘Pressure’ review

Wage War ‘Pressure’ review

Band: Wage War

Album: Pressure

Label: Fearless Records

Released: August 30, 2019

There’s something magical about getting your hands on a brand new album, holding it in your hands, looking at the artwork and reading the lyrics. Maybe that’s the old school in me? Don’t get me wrong though, Spotify and the like have huge advantages. Such as streaming what may not yet be in your local store on the day of release, or the hard to find albums (from independent artists and smaller labels).

Streaming was perfect for Wage War and their killer new album “Pressure”, which dropped on August 30th. The Florida based metalcore quintet bring the power for their third studio album, with each of the 12 tracks giving a great mix of shredding guitar riffs, hooked bass and drums, all topped off with a great mix of vocals from both vocalist Briton Bond and guitarist Cody Quistad!

Watch/Listen to “Grave” here:

Everything on this album just screams masterpiece, from song writing to production, resulting in a final mix that will certainly put Wage War on the world wide map.

Stand out tracks include “Who I Am”, “Grave”, “Me Against Myself”, “Hurt” and “Take The Fight”…

“Pressure” is a very easily digestible album, one that I guarantee will remain at the top of any album rotations list for a long time to come. This one is well worth the listen, I guarantee you that!

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September 8th, 2019

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