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Wartooth “Thrash Attack” review

Wartooth “Thrash Attack” review

What happens when you combine the aggression of Slayer with the the technical styling of Exodus?  You get an amazing Thrash band from Brisbane in Australia named Wartooth.

On September 10th 2017 the band released their debut video for the single “Thrash Attack”, and instantly you are hooked from the songs opening riff leading into seething vocals that would make Slayer’s Tom Araya smile with glee. This is then followed by an intensely grooved bridge and traded solos, something rarely seen in Heavy music, and show cases the bands flawless technical skills.

The video is filmed at various locations around Brisbane as well as showing the band performing not only at Underground Audio but also in front of a hungry crowd at The Backroom in Brisbane.

Thrash is alive and well and Warttoth’s “Thrash Attack” show’s that they are here to stay.
Wartooth are currently on their “Wreck Your Neck Australia” Tour, you can find all tour dates on Wartooth’s Facebook page:


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Jase L Herbert


November 24th, 2017

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