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Wednesday 13/Davey Suicide “Condolences” Australian Tour Review (April 28th)

Wednesday 13/Davey Suicide “Condolences” Australian Tour Review (April 28th)

Band: Wednesday 13/Davey Suicide

Date: April 28th 2018

Venue: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Photos: Amin Azoor

Review: Jason L Herbert & Ned Tepper

Wednesday 13 has certainly developed a cult following in the last decade, bringing his unique style of Horror Punk to the land Down Under for the third consecutive year.

Kicking it off in 2016 with the “Monsters of the Universe Come out and Plague” tour cementing his place as an Underground favourite, with a live show full of energy and mayhem.

Wednesday would return in 2017 with the “Undead Unplugged” tour, another unique concept combining an acoustic set with camp fire stories and crowd interactions. Which unfortunately we missed out on…

Luckily enough Wednesday would return again in 2018 with his “Condolences” world tour, and fresh off his 2017 Album of the year award (If you don’t mind!) we were not missing this one!

Joining Wednesday this time around was LA Horror Punk act “Davey Suicide”, who were on their very first Australian tour. Not knowing what to expect from Davey as we are relatively new to the band, discovering them through the “Too Many Freaks” track featuring Majik Ninja Entertainments “Twiztid”.

It’s safe to say we were extremely excited to check a live “Davey Suicide” show out and as soon as the iconic “Friday the 13th” sounds came over the P.A Our ears immediately pricked up and the band had our attention.

Davey Suicide would kick off their thundering set with “Rise Above”, whipping the hungry crowd into a frenzy, and putting on a night of live music we wouldn’t forget. Pleasing old fans and winning new fans over, and definitely leaving us hungry to hear more!

Already feeling like we had gotten our money’s worth and before Wednesday had even taken the stage, we knew we were in for a memorable night!

The strong crowd on hand waited for Wednesday with eager anticipation…

As the intro tape for “Last Rites” played over the house system the crowd erupted once again and we soon found out Wednesday had stepped his live show up even further with numerous costume changes, props and crowd interaction resulting in the experience being more than just a rock show, but a mini stage spectacular. Keeping the crowd’s attention focused on Wednesday, and wondering just what he would do next!

The set list included not only hits from his solo career but also from previous groups “Murderdolls” and “Frankenstein Drag Queens”, once again giving a little something for everyone.

Highlights of the show included the various masks worn by Wednesday ranging from a plain porcelain style mask to the “Hell Priest” mask worn during “Condolences” and the use of props on stage such as a shovel during “Cadaverous” and the blood stained bible on “Condolences” were great examples of the band taking it to the next level!

Once again the high level of fan interaction during songs such as “What The Night Brings”, “Ghost of Vincent Price”, “Keep Watching the Skies” and “The Dixie Dead” made you feel like you were a part of the show, keeping you engaged throughout!

The Australian leg of the “Condolences” world tour being promoted as “Bringing Halloween Early Down Under” was the perfect tagline for the show, with a night full of horror themed antics and spooktacular music.

So the next time Davey Suicide or Wednesday 13 come to a city near you, do yourself a favour and check them out as it will be a night you will never forget, believe us on that!


April 29th, 2018

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