Windwaker – New Video and Album details

May 4, 2024 - Underground News

It’s already been a massive year for Windwaker performing at Knotfest Australia, releasing a bunch of new tracks and announcing they’ll be touring America for the very first time alongside Northlane, Invent Animate and Thornhill next month!

The big news keeps coming with the announcement of a brand new album “HYPERVIOLENCE” heading our way July 12th through Cooking Vinyl Australia/Fearless Records and the band dropped a brand new video “Break The Rules”! The track/video displays Windwaker’s diversity and shows just how talented they are, as they switch things up to a more Summer vibes edgy/bouncy type feel. Far different to their previous visuals, The Blair Witch Project inspired video “The Wall”.

Check it out here:

“‘Break the Rules’ explores the exchange between two different personalities and the prospect of living life to its fullest,” the band shares. “One side is wild and willing to act out regardless of consequence, encouraging the other, who is more reserved and considerate, but ultimately unable to live beyond the rules of society (and therefore unable to live care-free like the former). To put it plainly, it’s a conversation between an introvert and an extrovert trying to highlight why their way of life is superior to the other, all while accepting the benefit to both approaches.”

Lock in July 12th for HYPERVIOLENCE, it’s sure to be a fun one!

Track Listing:

01. Infinity
03. Fractured State of Mind
04. Break The Rules
05. The Wall
06. Villain
07. Get Out
08. Haunting Me
09. Vertigo
10. Hypnotised
11. Venom
12. Tabula Rasa
13. Juliet

Pre Order here: https://found.ee/hyperviolence

Missed our chat with vocalist Liam Guinane from earlier in the year?

Take a look/listen below:

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