June 2012

This edition is one of our all-time favorites, it was great catching up with Chesty “The Scrubb” Strong of 1416 designs who has done a lot of work for us over the years! Not only did “The Scrubb” join us but so did his fellow Minnesota native “Killa Capone”, it’s no secret that Killa is one of Ned’s favourite rappers so having him on the show was an honor. That in itself is an amazing show but we didn’t stop there, Krizz Kaliko of the Snake & Bat “Strange Music” also featured! Big Krizz is one of the most humble dudes you will talk to and every time we have caught up with him it’s been great, another Underground Favourite!

Note – This is the only edition that features two separate posters, one from Shayne Kraft Graphics and the other from our guest Chesty Strong.

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