June 2013

“The Life & Times Of Jonny Valiant” had been out for a little while now and the success of Strange Music’s “Rittz” was really starting to show, hard work does pay off! This was the perfect opportunity to catch up with the man with the crazy hair and even crazier rap flows. He didn’t know what to think when we started asking him questions off his “My Interview” track! Bobby James from Minnesota also dropped in and let us know about recording “True Story” and what it’s like being a Travis Barker look alike! Tre LB of Detroits “Chop Shop made his Underground debut and put us in our place when we asked him about being “Shaggy 2 Dope’s” brother! Last and certainly not least legendary Fear Factory guitarist “Dino Cazares” proved to us that metal guys are the real deal and what his thoughts are on Australia!

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