Madesicc Muzicc Special 2014

You know him as a part of Strange Music, but did you know Brotha Lynch Hung also runs his own side label “Madesicc Muzicc”? Listen to this exclusive interview with the one and only Lynch as he tells us all about it.. So what’s in store for Lynch in 2014 and beyond? New eps, projects, videos and our very own Fitzy even gets to the bottom of a possible cook book!

Tanqueray Locc is well known to fans of “The Underground” the Minnesota native is going from strength to strength in the Underground music scene and is now the CEO of Brotha Lynch Hung’s Madesicc Music Midwest division. So what does this mean for Tanq? When can we expect his next release? Who should we look out for in Madesicc Midwest?

We answer all these questions and more in this exclusive Madesicc Muzicc special with Brotha Lynch Hung and Tanqueray Locc, get on board because this journey is just beginning! Grrrrr…

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