September 2012

Another really enjoyable edition catching up with Playboy the Beast, a great dude but still terrifying at the same time! Phatboi Phresh made his first ever appearance on the show, this is one we’ll never forget as he continued to do the interview while actually pushing his broken down car down three blocks in Chicago! Rittz made his Underground debut as well, another one of those interviews you look back on and think “Damn, we spoke to him before he blew up”! Awesome!

Note – In Rittz’s track “My Interview” from “The Life & Times of Jonny Valiant” he raps about interviewers asking him the same questions over and over. In this interview which was released months before the Rittz track, we ask him half of the questions he raps about in the song! Panicking after hearing it, we ask him in our next interview if it was aimed at us! Luckily he says, it wasn’t haha!

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