Wednesday 13 Review

February 6, 2024 - Gig Reviews

You probably already knew this, but Wednesday 13 was working at Kmart before receiving the call from Joey Jordison that would forever change his life. However, we didn’t! After this call, Murderdolls was created and the rest is history. This was just one of the fun facts that Wednesday threw at an energetic and very sweaty SOLD OUT Maxx Watts crowd on Sunday February 4th.

Here’s something we did know though – Wednesday isn’t a hot weather guy and Melbourne was beyond HOT! Reaching a scorching 38 degrees however, that didn’t stop the Duke of Spook winding back the clock to pay homage to the Murderdolls albums “Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls” and “Women and Children Last” and damn near blowing the roof off the place. It was loud, very LOUD and also nice to see a mixed audience with some younger faces in amongst the seasoned Wednesday/Murderdolls fans.

The World According to Revenge would provide the perfect intro into a 20 song set including so many ups there was barely time to take a breath. Highlights including, She Was A Teenage Zombie, Graverobbing USA (with the best story intro), Blood Stained Valentine, Summertime Suicide and we loved the addition of “Welcome to the Strange” from the Freddy Vs Jason soundtrack, which both myself and resident metal head Herbz agree is up there with the best movie soundtracks of all time.

There was a brief intermission for everyone except drummer Mike Dupke who put on one of the most amazing drum solos ever, all with the Halloween theme tied in. Epic!

On a side note we purchased VIP/Meet and Greets, after attending shows for 20 plus years we can honestly say this was the best. Wednesday took time to chat to all of his fans, absolutely nothing felt rushed. He seemed to genuinely care and make the effort for everyone. It was all ran very smoothly and everyone went home happy and fulfilled.

What a night, what a show! The best bit? Wednesday departed the stage saying “We’ll see you next year”!

Missed our interview with Wednesday? It was a FUN one, we discuss all the finer things in life like Horror, Collecting, Murderdolls, new music and so much more:

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